What are yours creating for you?

Do you know someone who is living the life of their dreams? Things always go right for them, they have few if any real issues or challenges in life, they can somehow "manifest" whatever they want and they seem to have all that they could "want" in life. You might even think they are "lucky". 

So what is their secret?

Their sub-conscious is clear of most, if not all, lower/negative thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions that keep so many other people stuck in their "not so wonderful" life.

If you carry negative thoughts, ideas, beliefs or emotions such as "shame", "unworthiness", "guilt", "grief", "fear", "worry", "anger", "judgment", "ego", or "pride", you will create stress, chaos and unhappy situations in your life that will seem 
insurmountable to you
. By clearing out these areas and releasing all that keeps you in that level of thinking and creating, you can then learn how to have acceptance on all levels, have forgiveness, understanding, detachment, naturally and easily start manifesting all of YOUR desires and so much more. Then your friends can start calling YOU the "lucky" one. 

Mahariel Meleahh
Founder of
Transcend To Ascend

Mahariel (aka Kellye) is an open conduit for "Divine" information and energy to flow through. She receives messages, teachings, gifts and a high vibrational energy that flows through her from our Creator, Ascended Masters, Arch-angels, Angels and Personal Spirit Guides. 

Life is not happening TO you, it is RESPONDING to your energy.


2 weeks after starting the 1st audio, to release:
Lowest, Negative Thoughts, Ideas, Beliefs and Emotions

I never realized how much baggage I carried around until I started this energy work with you but I realize it is one of the reasons I have felt for a long time that I am carrying a huge load on my back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this energy work. I would even at this point recommend it to everyone to do. It is a spiritual, emotional, intellectual and even physical at times release of all the things we know we need to release but even more of those we do not even realize we need to release. At 64 years of age I still have a lot of life to live but living it is one thing. Living it without baggage is something else. This energy work you offer is a cleansing I believe everyone needs to do in their life. I will be in touch again later in the week.

Love and Hugs for all you do for all of us!



After 30 days of my personal energy work (not audio):


Around April 4th or so, Mahariel said she had a spot open her transformational energy work. I immediately replied and got the spot. She said she could do this work without having to see me, which I thought was amazing...and since I had tried many other things in the past, I was hopeful that this would work for me. April 8th was the first day. On April 11th, my doctor's appointment was free, because they said I had a credit. That week at work, I noticed that stressful situations did not make me as stressed as before. I also noticed that if I got irritated or frustrated it barely lasted - major improvement for me. I started receiving praise and recognition at work, from a coworker and main person that I support. I also received a necklace from Maria, one of the ladies who cleans our office. She had brought it back from Mexico - now the old me would have said "That is sweet, you shouldn't have" but I said "Thank you very much." I am learning how to accept compliments, good things and money that comes my way. Being released from the lower negative vibrations is awesome! I didn't go home every day stressed out from people I work with and I didn't cry, nor did I get depressed like I used to. The next week, I was noticing that more men were coming to my desk. I work on a front desk, and every day for about 6 business days, men were coming to my desk and talking pleasantly,and 2 of them winked at me. It's been very interesting and extremely helpful to have this work done by Mahariel. Every day gets better and better! Thank you!!! 

After 30 days of my personal energy work (not audio):

Before your work, I felt stuck because I could not seem to get passed the constant judgment and my ego constantly pushing me back.  As soon as you started, I felt the judgment was pulled out of my bones and I feel now that for the most part, my ego is working for me - not me being controlled by my ego.  I felt a connection to you the first time we spoke and believe your energy work did help me open and raise my vibrations to where I am now. My life is completely changed and there are times that the happiness quotient is through the roof.  I am so grateful that the Universe helped me find you.

God is Good, Blessings,


After 30 days of listening to 1st audio, to release:
Lowest, Negative Thoughts, Ideas, Beliefs and Emotions

I feel such deep gratitude for your work Mahariel/Kellye, thank you so much! I have been able to manifest life goals, break down barriers that were keeping me stuck, and have felt more centered in my life in just the short time that I have been listening! As as a single mom, constantly struggling with an on-going balancing act, I found your program so simple and easy to integrate into my day. And I just cannot get over how powerful this energy work has been for me! I will recommend your work to every I know! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

With much love and gratitude,


After 30 days of listening to audio to release:
Ego, Karma, Harsh Judgment
I have been listening to your recording for 30 days. I didn't do anything special while listening to it, mostly just put earphones in and went on with my web surfing. 
I have always struggled with snap, harsh judgments of people especially while driving. It was close to the point of continuous road rage at people and always judging each person as bad, stupid, etc. I felt that judging people this hard and fast was holding me back from where I needed to be spiritually. After listening to your recording, I find myself being able to stop those judgments before they are complete thoughts in my head. This is a huge move forward for me. Thank you so very much for allowing me access to this program of yours. It and you are totally awesome in my book.

When you Transcend to Ascend,
you will start attracting a better life.

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