How It Came To Be

On April 16, 2012, I had a break down that would lead to a major change in my life. After caring for my Alzheimer's mother for over 3 years, I was tired of living a life that I felt trapped in. So that night, I started yelling at my spirit guides with a massive amount of anger. I yelled out demanding change. After several minutes of constant yelling, I paused and then I heard a voice say "are you ready to listen now, we've been trying to tell you for the last 2 weeks." I then stopped and said "sure, whatcha got?"

What transpired next would radically change my life and the life of many others to come. 

I was shown a specific technique that my guides referred to as using "Christ Consciousness". They showed me how to do it and told me what it was for (to release lower vibrational thoughts, emotions, etc each person may be holding onto that is holding them back in life). Within 30 seconds of my learning this information and just starting to work with it on myself, I received a phone call from a woman who asked me to do some kind of energy work on her brother-in-law who was seriously depressed. I said "sure. I just learned something new so let's try this." 

A couple of days later, the woman called again and asked if I had been working on her brother-in-law's energy and I said yes and then asked if they had noticed any difference. The woman then told me how he went from serious depression to a high level of excitement and a zest for life again. 

I then decided to experiment. I offered to do this "new energy" work to people on my Facebook page. That day, I did this work on 16 people. Here are a couple of testimonies I received from that experiment.

Wow, that is awesome Kellye [Mahariel] and thanks for all that you have done. I felt a shift of something today and got that energy buzzing around my head again. ~ P. J.

I felt the shift and I think I literally felt it. While I was at work after you responded I felt this sense of cleansing over me... Almost like someone physically there doing a cleaning on me. :) Great job. ~ J. S.

Soon after all of this, I hit a brick wall because I did not continue the work on myself. My guides then came to me again on February 5, 2013 and told me that I needed to do this "work" on myself every day for 30 days. At first I resisted, then I submitted to their request. 

The very next day, on February 6, 2013, I started my month-long journey. Since then, the transformation in my own personal energy and my life has been amazing! The things that have happened for me and changed in my world are beyond anything I could have ever imagined before! Here is a list of some things that have happened for myself and others after using the Transcend To Ascend™ programs for 30 days. 

Stress totally relieved

Blood pressure lowered

Increased calmness

Increased tolerance

Increased patience

Anger totally resolved

No more “road rage”

Heart palpitations stopped

Other people offering to help

Easily manifest all wants, needs
   and desires

Increased self-esteem

Better recognition at work

Gained confidence

Improved relationships

Released all fears

Released all harsh judgments

Able to forgive self and others

Increased sexual attraction

More appreciation

Income increased 3 times as
   much as previous month 

Released out-dated relationships

Attracted better quality people

New opportunities

Many new clients

Gifts for no reason

Free massage

Free psychic readings

Got A/C fixed for free

Found money (dollars, not coins)

Money given for no reason,“'just

Would YOU like to have similar outcomes in YOUR life?